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Portals and Related Value Lists

Question asked by Annette on Nov 19, 2012
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Portals and Related Value Lists


      Hi All,

     Please help.  I have the following tables/fields

      - Clients Table: Client ID, Name, Address, etc

      - Diagnosis Table:  Diagnosis ID, Diagnosis 1, Diagnosis 2, Diagnosis 3, Diagnosis 4  (There are duplicates because I wanted it to be like cascading (correct term?) choices.  e.g. :

     Diagnosis 1                     Diagnosis 2                      Diagnosis 3                  Diagnosis 4

     Fracture                            Lower Limb                       Foot

     Fracture                            Upper Limb                      Arm

     Sprain                               Lower Limb                      Ankle

     (Those probably arent best examples but basically in Diagnosis 1 if i make a drop down i want fracture and Sprain to be choices, then depending on which is selected drop down in Diagnosis 2 to give choices of Upper limb or Lower limb, etc)

      - Client_Diagnosis Table:  ID, Diagnosis ID, ClientID, Diagnosis 1, Diagnosis 2, Diagnosis 3, Diagnosis 4 ( I created this thinking I needed a join table between the client and the diagnosis)

     I was told that I had to create additional tables in order to get that related affect to the drop down lists, say Diag1, diag2 tables, etc.  and relate them to fields in the client table.  Then create value lists for each, say value list looking up diag1 field in diag1 table, a list looking up diag 2 field in diag 2 table, etc. 

     Now if I was just having one of each of these four diagnosis fields per client it works fine.  But I wanted to create a portal since they can have several.  So I need each portal row to have Diagnosis 1-4 . 


     Basically have I done this all backwards? Am I on the right track?  no matter what way I try to reference to portal and fields in it I am not able to select anything from the lists even through allow creation is checked in the relationships and browse is ticked in the inspector.