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Portals and Relationships

Question asked by ChristopherColes on May 18, 2010
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Portals and Relationships


This is simple but making my head hurt at the same time.


I have a table called Vendors and another table called vendor_NOTES.


I have a portal showing all related records from vendor_NOTES.


There is a one-to-many relationship configured since a vendor will have many notes.


I want to create new notes using a button that opens a new window.  I have that set to open a window, go to the vendor_NOTES layout, and create a new record.


I'm thinking since I'm switching layouts I'm losing the primary to foreign auto key entry because the new note records do not have the foreign vendor key assigned.  I've attempted to fill in the foreign vendor key with the primary vendor key but I'm having trouble.


Make sense?  Instead of allowing records to b created by clicking in the portal, I want a small window to come up that looks neat, etc. that will be closed and show up in the notes portal.


I'm not a database wizard and I'm learning as I'm going along.


Many thanks in advance.