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Portals and Sorting

Question asked by AgnieszkaWynar on Jul 25, 2013
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Portals and Sorting


     We have two layouts, Order and TT.  On the order layout,  there are 2 portals that work together with a value list of factory names. Selecting the value list allows us to create an order by displaying the models that the factory makes in Portal A and allows us to imput the quantity for each model. Portal B just displays all the information related to the order (PO) including calculations for amount (price x quantity) and sum of the size of the models(ttl cbm). We are able to select from multiple factories for each order.

     The problem is on the TT layout, which information from Portal B, we have two portals that sort based off of different fields.  One portal is suppose to display all POs and is sorted by the payment status of the orders.  Right now It only displays from one PO and duplicates the first line in the portal.

     The second portal on the TT layout is suppose to sort by factory name. We want to display every PO that is related to the selected factory.  Since each order can have different factories, we are unable to sort information properly by factory. Each line will show us all the prices from all the factories in the order when we only want the prices from one factory in the order.

     Is there any way for us to make the portals on the TT layout work?  If not, is there a way to make it so that we are only able to select one factory from the drop down value list in the Order layout so that each PO will only have one factory.