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portals are a pain

Question asked by RGoyette on Mar 4, 2009
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portals are a pain


I am using a template that came with FileMaker to maintain my database of proposals and users.  The template, called Registration, has events and contacts where I have proposals and users.  It is nice, it has some nice features. There is a button that allows you to register a contact to the current event.  The information on contacts registered to the current event is displayed in a portal.  This is my problem:  I want to do exactly the same thing for samples as well as contacts.  I want the original portal displaying contacts registered to the current event, and another portal displaying samples registered to the current event, with a new button that will register a sample to the current event.  I have duplicated everything as best as I could, and I can register ten samples but the portal is always empty.  If I view all the registered samples in a separate layout they display OK, but not when viewed in the portal.  Has anyone else ever tried something like this with success?