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Portals from several tables away.

Question asked by keycoachjohn on Aug 6, 2009
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Portals from several tables away.


This board has been extremely helpful keeping me on track with my project. I’m down to my final report/layout and hit my last wall.  Considering three joined tables, “A”,”B”, “C”.  each with a key field.  Several records in “B” relate to “A”, Many records in C relate to individual records in “B”. 


In layout mode (form view) for table “A” a collection of fields from throughout whole database are aligned and functional; including tables D through Z...quite nice, in fact.  Everything works as per plan except the final two portals that grab records from C. 


In this case, for a found set in “A”, there are two related records in “B”.  When the portal in "A" referencing “C” displays, I want one portal for related record 1 of “B”, and second portal for related record 2 of “B”.  How to specify this in each portal in "A"?  Have tried nesting a portal in a portal, that semi-works but continues to display “C” records for the 2’nd related record of “B”.  Have tried portal sorting based upon B_ID…neither limits the portal lines to end until all records related to “A” have been displayed.  One final idea was suggested to create the layout from “B”, but that affects all the other table links.  Do I need a new “C” table occurrence joined directly to “A”?  Suggestions?  Thanks in advance.