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Portals in Layout Query

Question asked by QueryJoel on Jul 13, 2009
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Portals in Layout Query


Hi,  'm a beginning seeking kind help for this portal issue....


In Layout "Home" page, it shows the records from table "Job Overview" and in this same layout, I've a portal called "Rooms to Renovate" and this portal allows me to go to the related record which is in another layout called "Details". 


In Layout "Details" page, it is setup to show records from table "Renovation costing" and in this layout, I've 2 portals. One is "Line Costing"  (tat shows e cost of various renovation works for the related record of Rooms to Renovate) and the second is the same "Rooms to Renovate" portal.


Because I want to be able to go to other records of "Rooms to Renovate" from "Details" without having to go thru the "Home" layout.   

Right now, my "Details" layout does not display the full list of Rooms that is displayed in my "Home" layout which i can understand why... but how do I work around this so that I can have these two portals on one layout?


Eg.  Rooms to Renovate:  Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Study Room, Bedroom