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portals in tabs and portals outside of tabs

Question asked by jhc on Nov 1, 2013
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portals in tabs and portals outside of tabs


     I've recreated my forms again, this time with a layout that has two 3 tabs, each tab will have a portal inside of it.

     My front page labeled "1_LakeInfo_O2-Temp" holds the A_LakeInfo table. It has tabs for the O2_temp, Water Chemistry, and Photos table. But none of the entries show up in my form. In fact, it seems that none of my portals are working. I looked at my old (corrupted) database that had working portals and I don't think I've changed anything in the way that they're set up. At least not in the nets and minnows layouts. The lake layout is definitely different because of the tabs.

     I also have buttons to take the user to the other forms for the minnow catches and the net catches.

     I have a PDF of my database relationship diagram plus my FMP file on our FTP site located here:

     all the forms I'm interested in using have names prefixed by numbers. the exception is the last 3 tables (for photos, water chem and O2-temp) which I've tried to lump together on that first page.