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portals or merge field?

Question asked by HarvJNep2n on Jun 24, 2010
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portals or merge field?


Mac OS10.6

FileMaker Pro 11

Not using web

Novice-Intermediate user


The nature of my business dictates that I set up more than a regular "contacts" database. Dealing with the military, a single unit (say, the 55th Fighter Squadron) may change contacts as often as every few months as officers are promoted or transferred. We usually deal with the same units, but the contact person is always changing. 


I have set up a table called "Organizations" and one called "Contacts."

The organization addresses, phone numbers, order information, and order history, etc. will not change. I would like to be able to click in the "contact" field, and select the name of the contact (most recently modified at the top). That way I could see which contacts were previously linked to this organization, and the fields would auto-fill with the most recent/current contact. 


The organization name is the field that links the two tables. I have tried setting up a portal, but I'm having trouble getting the information to display correctly and to update when it's modified. I would like to be able to enter new contacts on the fly through the portal.


Also, the information I'd like displayed through the portal includes the Rank, Name-first, Name_last, phone1, and email1. However, I want the name displayed together on one line, and the phone and email addresses separate. As I have the portal set now, I can change the names with a scroll bar, but if I move the phone1 and email1 fields out of the portal, they will not update as I select the contact name. 



1. Is the portal the best way to go about this solution

2. If not, what is the better way?

3. If so, how can I "select" a line of the portal so that all current dealings, invoices, etc. show the name of the contact currently at that unit?

4. How can I update the email address and phone number when a new name is selected or input?