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Portals synchronisation 'part 2'

Question asked by tays01s on Jun 23, 2013
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Portals synchronisation 'part 2'


     I have a portal that has a lot of numeric fields so I need all the width to accomodate them. It is also useful to have 3 records showing. However, I also want a 'Notes' field from the same table as a portal on this layout. I have inserted this as a separate portal. So far so good.


     Problem: It is not obvious that say, record 3's numeric values in portal 1 are the same record as record 3's 'Notes' in portal 2. Is there a way of causing the both portals to scroll records in synch? Also could a whole record, in both portals, be conditionally formatted when in focus (ie. if a single field is 'in focus' could the whole record conditionally format?)?