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Portals, Filtering, Summary Totals, Date Range

Question asked by RyanJordan on May 23, 2013
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Portals, Filtering, Summary Totals, Date Range


     Newbie to FMP12...

     Currently I have a layout defined as "appendix". On that layout I have added a portal that filter records by a date range. The portal is pulling data from a table occurrence by the name of "school costs". There are two types of school costs. County and State and several entries one when (date) the costs occured.

     I have added a field to the portal that summarizes the total county costs for the filtered portal's date range. This only works two ways, by having a running total that adds up each entry in the portal with the previous entry - finally getting to the total when the entries stop. Or has the final total appear next to each entry - this version gets to be confusing as the totals repeat down the list of entries.

     What I would like to happen is to have one line that is filtered by date range say 4 yrs. All of the county costs and state costs within that 4 yrs have been totalled in separate fields and the total of both of those costs is also shown.


     Suggestions? Additional information needed in order to better understand my issue?