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Portals, Line Items and/or Lists!

Question asked by Rune on Nov 29, 2010
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Portals, Line Items and/or Lists!



I have searched these forums and others for similar topics but simply cannot find anything that matches my situation.. This may be really simple but I am really stuck and desperately need help. 

I am new to Filemaker and just started using FileMaker 11 Pro Advanced and am currently building a fully customized warehouse solution for the company I work for, which supplies solar products to numerous distributors.

Without going too in-depth I will try to describe my current setup and problem:

I have a main layout called [Orders], which is in a direct relationship with [Parts Line Items] and then to [Parts].

[Parts] consists of lots of different items, divided into the following categories: Items/Inverters/Panels.

On the [Orders] layout the user has to build assemblies of solar systems. A series of drop-down lists helps determine the exact system from a value list, and also what items it consists of. The problem is that the distributors sometimes order different kinds of inverters and/or panels to go with each system

What I would like to do is have a portal on my [Orders] layout that only shows all inverters in stock. On here the user can then choose an inverter + quantity, depending on what is ordered.

Also, another portal that only shows all panels in stock. On here the user can then choose a panel + quantity, depending on what is ordered.

A button on the layout, once pressed, will then add the selected inverter(s) & qty and also the sected panels & qty to the predetermined list of Items that makes the system.

I have, for a full week now, experimented with portals, line items and conditional value lists. I have even tried setting up [inverter] and [panel] tables but can't find a way to then integrate them into my stocktakes.

I am sure there'd be a way to do this, but obviously I am in to way over my head here! Please help me :)