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Portals: Can you dynamically populate with fields?

Question asked by tays01s on Jul 30, 2013
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Portals: Can you dynamically populate with fields?


     A previous post ( showed how to use 'Evaluate' to obtain calculations from a list of equations. This works v. well.

     However, the full list of equations contains a wide variety of variable. I would like these to be available in a portal. Since the equation would be chosen from a pop-up menu. To save space and make it easy for the user, how could I just present those variables required for that particular equation? And keep in mind, that next day, a different equation could be chosen, requiring a different set of variables to calculate it. I'm presuming that botht the variable (ie. field) and it's label would need recalled and recorded as needed.


     Disease =  A,  temp * 20 + kg * 5

     Disease = B, temp * 15 + cm * 2

     How would I only show the relevant 2 variables when A or B are chosen? Equations might have 1-6 variables but there are >6 in total.