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    Portals: Data updating



      Portals: Data updating


           I've noticed 2 odds things about data updating in a child portal after changes to a 'parent portal'. T

           1. Calculations update immediately on changing some parent fields, but only if the child portal is 'seleced' after a change in a parent pop-up setting. Is there a way to ensure everything updates immediately a change occurs?


           2. Child record date: This is set to Creation date, but allows modification. When I modify, records in the child portal as as I set them but in the child table, every date for a specific parent ID is set to the latest date. I assume something isn't correct + if I were to export/import such records I could get the wrong date?

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               1. Try clicking a blank area of the layout outside of the portal after changing a field in the parent table. Does that cause things to update? If so, you just need to commit records--what happens when you click the layout background to get the related child record's calc to update. You can set up a script trigger on the field to perform a script to commit records to get that result.

               2. This sounds like there is an error in your layout design resulting in a reference to a field from the wrong table occurrence and thus the field in all rows of the portal refers to the same record in a related table.

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                 Thanks for both; corrected.