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Portals: Mirroring

Question asked by tays01s on Sep 1, 2013
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Portals: Mirroring


     I have:

     1. a Prescription < Input relationship and portals for both on the Main layout + a select/script on each prescription record to pull Input records specific to that prescription into the Input portal. All fine.

     2. Problem:

     a) A prescription consists of 1 or more different drugs/dosages. This forms a 'druglist'. I did have this as a separate table/portal from prescription because it made it easier to add/delete portal records. However, there is only 1 druglist per prescription so I am not sure it's appropriate to have a separate table & portal. It would simply things if druglist was within prescription but I'm not sure how I can then add/delete drugs.

     b) Each Prescription drug that is added, needs an Actual input field (among others) listed in the Input portal. How can I mirror Input addition/deletion occuring in Prescription?