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Portal_relationship problem

Question asked by tays01s on Aug 26, 2013
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Portal_relationship problem


     To use generic terms, I have:

     - Order table related to

     - Product table. This table contains compositions of products.

     Both tables are represented in portals on a layout. I can select a particular order. There can be 1 or more products per order and other fields in the product portal permit me to specify what quantity of each product.

     Relationship: I've related __Product ID to Order::_ProductID (fk) because each product may be used in many different orders.

     Product portal: Because there are many products, I'd like to use "+"/ "-" buttons to add a row in which I can specify the next product and amount.

     A) the product pop-up is giving a not modifiable error + I think this scenario must need an intermediate table somewhere, but I've not figured out where/ how.