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Porting FileMaker AppleScript from 5.5 to 11

Question asked by sakra on May 27, 2011
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Porting FileMaker AppleScript from 5.5 to 11



I am porting an AppleScript which worked fine with FileMaker 5.5 to FileMaker 11. The AppleScript uses a whose clause which does not seem to be handled by FileMaker 11 at all:

getcell "#NumberKey" ofrecord 1 ofdatabase "GlobalNumbers"

--> "10"

getrecord 1 ofdatabase "GlobalNumbers" whosecell "#NumberKey" = "10"

--> error "Event not handled." number -1708

The database contains a text field "#NumberKey". The first record contains the value "10". Searching for that record by using a whose clause does not returned the existing record.

How can I make the whose clause work with FileMaker 11?