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    POS System



      POS System


      I every one I am new to this Forum. I have a shop at Pasadena CA, I am trying to use FileMaker for my POS System, I have use File Maker to Create an Invoice and Inventory File, How do I link this two file together? I am using Filemaker Pro 10. Thank you for your help.

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          You might want to check out this thread: http://forum-en.filemaker.com/fm/board/message?board.id=FM-en-4&message.id=21633&query.id=70360#M21633


          It discusses an approach for setting up an inventory log file for adding/removing items from inventory.

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               Hi Thank you for your Reply, I look at the Thread, I am new to Filemaker I look at it and still do not get it, can any one post step by step for me, that will help me a lot. Thank you 
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              Well, there's a lot of "step by steps" in what you ask. First you'll need to set up an invoicing system that works for you. Then you can add more features to support inventory management.


              Minimum requirements for most invoicing systems:

              3 tables: Invoices, LineItems, PriceList


              Basic relationships:


              Invoices :: InvoiceID = LineItems :: InvoiceID

              LineItems :: Item = PriceList :: Item


              PriceList lists all the items to be sold with names, catalog numbers, unit prices etc. Everytime you change a price, you'd make a change in this table.

              Invoices are one record for each sale recording date, Invoice number, customer infor etc.

              LineItems itemize each item purchased on a given invoice and LineItems can be modified to also serve as an Inventory Log for logging the addtion/removal of items from inventory.


              In most cases, you'd place a portal on your Invoices layout to list all the related LineItem records for that invoice.


              How much of this do you already have set up?

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                   I only have Invoice and Inventory File set up, and have been using it for long time, but not link together. Thank you 
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                     Since every record in the LineItems table represents an item that is removed from inventory due to a sale, the same table can be modified by adding a few fields to log other inventory changes such as incoming shipments and shrinkage. Since these records won't have a valid invoice ID, they won't appear on any invoices, but a report based on the LineItems layout can be constructed that shows all inventory changes and/or the current inventory levels for each item you sell.