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Positioning a layout window as a new window in a set location

Question asked by miw on Nov 14, 2011
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Positioning a layout window as a new window in a set location


I have a layout ("main window") that enables me to insert new records and related attributes.  I want to be able to open a new window, in a list format on top of the main window for when I do a find since that will show only my found records (I would love to do that in a portal on the main window but that will not work).  But I want the new list window to open in a specific location each time relative to the main window positioning on the screen using a move/resize script step when the new list window opens.  I can get the relative position of the main window using the get(windowtop) and get(windowleft) functions and then add a the required distance to get where I want the new screen to pop up.  My problem is that if the user toggles the view to show or hide the default status bar, this location will change as the screen size changes.  I was hoping to identify the location of a particular field in the main layout and get its relative positioning (top and left) to the main window location on the screen to use that coordinate as an top/left anchor for the new list window but I do not know if that is possible.  Any ideas?