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possible IWP conflict with digital phone; use of container fields w/ IWP

Question asked by nearle01 on Apr 28, 2010


possible IWP conflict with digital phone; use of container fields w/ IWP


I have a couple of questions re IWP.  I am using FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced and Windows 5.1 service pack 3.


1.  Is there a conflict between having digital phone (Comcast) and IWP? 

     I have been dabbling a bit with IWP and have set up an application which I can access over my lan -- still have to figure out how to get it outside my lan.  HOWEVER, we just switched from AT&T to Comcast, which evidently is a digital phone and interferes with FileMaker.  Now when I open FM, I get a message that FM cannot share over the web because IWP could not be started.  And, a bit later, "FM cannot share files because another user is already sharing files using FM on this computer."  Since I think I am the only one using FM on my computer, I wonder how this can be.  It started when we switched to Comcast.


2.  The above application is for a start-up, non-profit theater organization which has little funding, so my development is pro-bono.  I want to use IWP because there are several people who need to access the data.  One thing they would like to be able to is to place scripts (pdf file of 40 or more pages) in a record which also describes the playwright.  The pdf file is obtained via e-mail, so inserting it into a container field would seem appropriate.  However, I'm unsure how this works in a web situation.  In fact, can the container field be filled over the web either by IWP or a server?  I am a neophyte when it comes to web development, so I need all the help I can get.