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Possible Portal?

Question asked by VincentFarruggioJr. on Oct 26, 2012
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Possible Portal?


     Hi everyone,

     Looking to add a feature to our already existing Filemaker database. I am looking to work in two of the tables we have running, one being an Inventory, and another "Order Entry" where all our open and closed orders are for the year. The issue we are having, is that employees will issue what we call "To Be Counted" Orders, which are pulled from stock and shipped either right away or at a later date, opposed to orders that are made in the shop and ship once complete. These "to be counted" orders are accepted and created, because upon searching inventory there are plenty of parts. Say the customer orders 500 pieces of part X, upon looking in inventory there are 700 pieces, so the order is generated and sent out to get shipped. However, turns out that we already have 500 allocated for a later shipment, yet the parts remain in inventory. So when that later shipment is processed we only have 200 parts left in inventory and it is now the day we are supposed to ship them. We have no system in place that shows us what is allocated inventory.

     I'm looking to maybe add a portal from inventory so you can see what inventory exists in page view of oprder entry, as well as showing other orders of the same part that are open.

     I'm open to suggestions and ideas, as I'm sure there are many ways to do this, but wanted to consult the forum before getting into it.

     Any help is appreciated, thanks.