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    Possible Scenario



      Possible Scenario


      I'm trying to create a database that can check kids in and check them out. It should track the time they are check in and then spit out invoices for the amount of time they were checked in times the dollar amount per hour. Is this something that is possible in FileMaker Pro.

      I would like to track the kids on a daily basis and send monthly invoices. Parent's can pay upfront and if there's a balance left or owed, it should show up on the invoice. 

      Can this be accomplised in FileMaker and if so, a few pointers would be helpful. 

      Thanks in advanced....


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          You need a table, where u need to store the time for checked in per day for each kid. For this u need a record which consists of 30/31fields for time in and 30/31 for time out and another 30/31 for total hours spent. And a sum field, which shows the sum of total hours spent.

          Now u need another table, which'll be related to 1st table through a primary key field, where u need to show the kid information and total time spent and the corresponding amount charged.

          Hope it'll help u to start your project.

          Best of Luck.

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            Hi Raj,

            Okay, I'm really new to this whole database thing. So I've got the child's information on one table. You mean I need to create a separate table that will be the input times and the out put time. What type of field should I use? I'm thinking a field name check_in with a time type field and then a check_out field with another time type? Would both of input fields be on the same table? 

            Sorry for all of these questions, but like I said I'm fairly new to this and I'm trying to help out a non-profit.



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              Hi buddy,

              Ya u nees to create fileds check_in, check_out and TotalTimeSpent(difference of the previous two) on the same table(say X), and also a field say sum, which contain the sum of the field TotalTimeSpent.

              Now on 2nd table(say Y), create different fields showing student info, along with all these, if u need, u can show total time spent by the kid for a month(make use of some calculation and hire total time spent for a particular month).

              Hope u got the concept.

              Best  of luck.