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Question asked by gullfounder on Mar 31, 2013
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     I am new to this File maker, so i don't know that if can achieve this function in File maker or not. If yes then how?

     Here is what i want to do.


     I am trying to make School Database in regard with Fee payment. My Goal was to make a database which can store all students records with there proper classes. and maintain a record of Fee.

     first there Fee the for each student is Different. Hence each students fee must be stored differently. Second the each student must pay 12 month Fee. For that, i want to issue a Fee voucher that can be paid in the Bank. with there monthly fee on it. and if he has not paid the previous months Fees. then it should also be added in current months voucher.

     Voucher numbers should be unique. and also stored in Database. So i can make a list of Voucher Numbers issue to which student. of which month.

     I am attaching a File. which i have made so far.

     there will be 2 layouts. in it. Main(Which will allow to enter new students data. there monthly Fee and Also enter Voucher number and month for each student which have paid the Fee.)

     second is Voucher. in this layout i want to make a Filter and Print the vouchers class wise and Gender.

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