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    Possible to create a recurring import from image files?



      Possible to create a recurring import from image files?


      I am trying to set up an image database through photographs I have stored on my computer that are not within a program such as aperature or iphoto.  I would like to be able to push these images into container fields automatically when I add a new photograph.tif to my Files folder. 

      Is there a way for Filemaker pro 12 to recognize this and create a new content record from the new file within a folder?  

      Is there a way for filemaker pro 12 to also recognize the information that is stored within an image file such as image size, resolution, dimensions, bit depth, etc, and import that as well?  

      Lastly, is there a way to create a button/script that allows filemaker pro to export the .jpg verison of the image it has referenced as well as creating a button/script that allows filemaker pro 12 to export the .tif version?  The container fileds holding the images in my database are storing the image data externally within a Files folder.  When filemaker pro 12 automatically does this, it creates a .jpg and a .tif version of my file.  My question is regarding access to both of these types of files.  

      Thank you!


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          It's possible with quite a bit of scripting to set up records with containers that have a "reference" to the image file. How up on scripting are you.

          You could, for example, dropw new image files into a designated folder inside the documents folder on your computer. A script can then read the names of the files in this folder (can only be done without a plub in if you put this inside your documents folder) and can then move them to a designated folder for permanent storage and create a record where the container field stores a reference to that file.

          This process can store a file name in a text field and a calculation field can extract the basic pixel dimensions of the file (X Pixels wide, Y Pixels tall), but not all the other info you've requested here.

          Filemaker cannot modify the file type of the image file--unless there's a plug in out there that can do this.