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Possible to hide part of layout in a tab window?

Question asked by AndreasvanHaren on Dec 27, 2008
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Possible to hide part of layout in a tab window?


I'm using tab windows, with more tabs nested on 2 of those tab windows. THe problem now is that the furst tab screen is very small in fact because there is only one text field on it, so in fact I could make thie tab field very small. However, the second tab field is very large because I put a lot of fields on this tab field so this page is very long. Because of this long tab field, I have to make the first tab field also very long, other wise the text fields on this long page will showing on the first tab page as well. (Difficult to explain but I hope it's clear what I'm trying to say). THe first tab page looks very ugly because of this.


Is it pottible to make every tab page a different size without that other tab page with their text fields that I places on them are showing on the smaller tab pages?