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Possible to make a field manual and a calculation?

Question asked by PaulWebb_1 on Apr 16, 2013
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Possible to make a field manual and a calculation?


          FM Server 12 Adv

          FM Pro 12 Adv


          I have a table where all of the data is pulled in via an ODBC import script nightly. Every time the script is run it updates existing records and adds new records. The users do not create any records and they cannot modify any of the imported fields. There are 12 fields that need to be modifiable for the users. For those 12 fields I created duplicate fields and named them v_DuplicateName. On the layout I stacked the two fields and using conditional formatting hide or show the modifiable field.


          Now that I have that, I created another field called Verified (calculation) and on the layout I use a checkbox. The calculation is a Case function that if one of the fields above is modified it adds a check in the checkbox. So far everything works.


          I need to make the field 'Verified' manually modifiable. So that if I look at the record and everything is ok I can check the box. Or if I change one of the 12 fields it automatically adds a check. Looking for ideas on how to acomplish this. Thanks!

     example file located in thread below in Tech Net