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    possible to print drop down value list ?



      possible to print drop down value list ?


      This is a housekeeping situation: I am adapting hundreds of contact records that have been tagged in a different system by multiple people. Many categories are redundant or mistyped [ex: there are tags for:  Arch, Architect, Archietct; A/e, and ArchInter] which I'd like to consolidate [Architect] for a simplified value list.  In the process, I know I can make a value ist from the field values.

      Is there a way to Print this list - that is, not a list of all record instances, but only distinct variations - to help with editing? (No, I don't have FM Advanced)


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          Create a calculation field, result text unstored (storage options), type or paste or create the following calculation:

          ValueListItems ( Get ( FileName ) ; "New Value List" )

          ValueListItems is a design function.

          Replace New Value List with the name of your value list and it must be in quotes. Put the field on a layout all by its lonesome and print it. Keep in mind that when you consolidate the value items you need to replace the bad data, you do a find and replace field contents, or copy and paste, etc. the actual data in that field. Regardless of how you do it make plenty of backups along the way. ;-)

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            Umm. sounds good - using below (FM 11), but not working.

            Does it matter what table the new field is in? or that the list is created from another field?

            fileName - the name of an open database file (local or remote).
            valuelist - the name of a value list in the specified database file.
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              I tested it on FMP 10 before I answered, not really sure how far back this function goes, but it is in FMP 7.

              The value list I used in my test was from a field in the table. I just tried it in a related table, but one that doesn't contain the field from which the value list is created and it works fine.

              Field specs: Calculation, returns text, and storage is set to unstored, under indexing check the check box to NOT store the calculation. If in doubt replace get filename with the name of the file in quotes. The name of the value list must also be in quotes, check your spelling. 

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                Dave Graham

                Here's how I'd do it:

                1. Show all and sort by the category field.
                2. Go to File > Export Records…
                3. Add the category field to the export order
                4. Check the category field in the Group By section
                5. Export the data into a FileMaker file (or Excel or whatever you want).

                You should get all of the unique instances of each category value that you can print from. 

                You can also use this as a "scrub" table that you can create a relationship to for the purpose of reassigning values. Be careful when doing find & replace because partial matches on similar values can ruin your data!

                - dg

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                  Dave, thanks for the alternative thought. - and the reminder about hasty F+R It's happened....

                  Bumper, reviewed all as described and still no joy. tested several lists; tried list origin field name instead of list name; expanded number of repetitions, .... There is some quirk that will reveal itself I expect and I'll be back to report.

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                    If you want to send me a sample mini-file of what you are doing, I'll send you my email address.

                    What repetitions? Where repetitions?

                    Design functions are very handy for "looking inside" your solution, particularly if you do not have FM Advanced.

                    F & R has got to be one of the main reasons for Custom Menus, strip it out and never let users know it exists. 

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                      Bumper,  More details may spark something....

                      The Value List "Additional Keys" is created from a field <People::sksadditional>.

                      New Field - <ListAdditional> is calculated : ValueListItems ( Get ( FileName ) ; "Additional Keys" ) With allow replace, no storage etc. 

                      <SksAdditional> has repeating fields. I tested the new field without and with a matching number.  [i know why not to use repeting fields, but in this instance they are category and skills check lists essentially for resume search/sort. it works. ]

                      Tried <ListAdditional> in people table, and in a table I use for global fields, unrelated to anything.

                      Layout basic, single field, tried browse, list; report.

                      not sure what else to include. reminder I am using FM 11.

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                        New Field should be an unstored field of type calculation--not a text field with an auto-entered calculation.

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                          Ah Ha! as they say. I knew there was something simple I had misunderstood. Apologies to Bumper and thanks all for your patience. And Phil for backing me up step.