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    Possible to search all Scripts?



      Possible to search all Scripts?


           Is it possible to search the contents / steps in all of the scripts in my database?

           I've noticed that a field containing multiple choices formatted as radio box choices are mysteriously clearing themselves.

           I'd like to search the contents of my scripts for the field name or other criteria to see if one of my scripts is causing this problem. Is there a way to do this?


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               With FileMaker Advanced, you can produce a database design report and open it in a Web Browser. There, you can do a text search for the name of the field. If the field name is pretty generic, you can temporarily renamed the field in Manage | Database before generating the report to make it easier to find without hitting on other text.

               But your field might clear itself without a script being the culprit (though it would be my first guess also.)

               Check for an auto-enter calculation that might clear it.

               Also, changing the value list values for the field or assigning a new value list with different values may cause a field to look like it is empty if the value in the field does not exactly match a value in the field's radio button value list.

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