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Possible to set the max width a field can expand to?

Question asked by LeeMoreau on Jun 1, 2015
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Possible to set the max width a field can expand to?


I have a list view with fields like Account Name, Opportunity Name, Amount, etc.  The Account Name field is set to a certain size and autosizing has it anchored to the left and the top.  The field Opportunity Name beside it is anchored to the left, top, and right so that when someone maximizes their window, the field expands accordingly, with all other fields after it like amount and so on coming after.  The only problem is that it seems to expand forever.  So if I'm using a 1080p display and maximize the window, the account name field will be maybe 3" wide, all other fields an inch or so, but then the Opportunity Name field will be like 10" wide and far too big, since it's all just blank space, as no value is that long.  Is there any way to set it so that it will still expand, but only to a certain amount to prevent it from making the field massive on a large display?