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Possible to show different layouts within a tabbed panel..?

Question asked by hanstrager on Apr 3, 2014
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Possible to show different layouts within a tabbed panel..?


     I’ve been working on my little database for 2 years now - trying to teach myself as I go along, aswell as getting great help from you guys in here. My database makes technical files for garments for my small fashion label.

     Now I’ve come to my biggest challenge to date: I’ve added knitwear to my collection, which for you guys probably doesn’t mean a lot, but to me it’s technically a complete different way of describing garments.

     As you can see in the attached screen shots, I have a tabbed panel, with 5 tabs: ‘General’, ‘Fabrics’, ‘Instructions’, ‘Sizing’, ‘Pricing’. For knitwear some of these tabs has to stay the same while others different descriptions/features.

     I’m hoping there is some sort of way to keep most of the general layout, and maybe have a set of radio buttons controlling what kind of view/layout I see within the tabs if it’s Woven or knit garment..? or to make another table where I can make factory records and assign if the factory specializes in knit or woven, and based on chosen factory it chooses what layout is available to fill in..?

     I’ve spend quite a lot of time tweaking my database and It works perfectly. Since im definitely not very experienced in filemaker ït seems to me quite a lot is going on ( different portals and conditional value lists). I wonder If any of the above is a solution or if there’s better ways to go around this..?

     All help is greatly appreciated