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possible to use re-lookup for only one record and one line in portal?

Question asked by Vicky on Jul 22, 2013
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possible to use re-lookup for only one record and one line in portal?


     On my Order layout, I have a portal from OrderLineItems|ByOrder that has lookup price which looks up the current price (is a calculation = newprice). I used a lookup for price because my boss does not want price to keep updating for old records. It works great however my boss wants to be able to update the lookup price for a specific record and specific line in the portal without changing the lookup prices for the other records and lines.  When I tried to relookup the current price, lookup price changes for everything, every record and ever line in the portal is updated.  Is it possible to write a script to only relookup the current price on that record for a specific line in the portal?

     It is best if relookup works automatically when new price is updated. But if it cannot, I was thinking of making a button in the portal next to new price so that if a user clicks it, it will update the new price for that line. I don't know what is the best way to do what my boss wants, and I don't know how to write scripts. I'll appreciate any help and suggestions.

     Thank you!

     I will attach a picture of my tables and relationships.