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    Possibly a LOOKUP question...



      Possibly a LOOKUP question...


           Hi, I've got the following question for you guys. Hopefully you can help me.

           Having two Tables, let's call them "X" and "Y" and a table "X" associated to table X.

           Is it possible to fill automatically a field on the form X with some data on table Y if some fields in the form X match with the related fields on the table Y? Maybe a lookup?

           In the example (picture uploaded), the idea is fill the field "AAA" with the content of the field "RED" if the condition(s) "a" matches to the "α" (actually are many conditions on a one to one relationship).



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               Yes it's possible and can be done with a dynamic link (data changes in Y automatically updated value shown in AAA) or as a looked up value or auto-enter calculation. (Data is copied from Y to X and thus changes in Y do not automatically update what's seen in X.)

               This thread discusses both methods: Auto Fill

               But if you have one field for checkboxes a, b and c, then you will likely need to separate these into separate fields if the value in a and b and c must match.