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Post Card and A2 Envelope Printing Issues

Question asked by RobertL.Campbell on Aug 28, 2013
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Post Card and A2 Envelope Printing Issues


     Greetings from Memphis -- land of Elvis, azaleas and barbecue! I hope you will be able to help me solve a printing issue. My work station is iMac, OS 10.5.8, FileMaker Pro 9, HP LaserJet 5000N. My problem is that I cannot print names/addresses onto manually fed post cards (5.5 x 4.25) or A2 envelopes (5.75 x 4.375). Everything looks great in Preview mode, and the layouts are correct, yet the cards and envelopes will not print. I do not have this problem with files from Freehand, Illustrator or InDesign, so I must assume the problem lies somewhere in the dialogue between FileMaker and the HP. Is there any sort of FileMaker software update that will correct this problem? I already use the most current HP software. Many thanks for any light you can shed. Best wishes. -Unclechoppy