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Post Data to File Record

Question asked by JohnJones_1 on Feb 18, 2015
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Post Data to File Record


I am a novice at FMP and have inherited a set of databases from someone who has passed away. 

I think my problem may be as much terminology as anything else. 

I have two databases that are linked by a name field. I would like to put information from a field in DB1 into a similar field in DB2. In my past experience with Helix, I would call a Post function, but I don'e seem to be able to find the function(s) I need.

I assume I would use a Lookup function to fine a name in DB2 that matches a name In DB1 then Post the value from DB1 into the corresponding field in DB2. Can someone point em to the right functions?

If I have a "Found" list of names in DB! to use this process on, would I need a script?