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Post Data to URL or fill out web form

Question asked by PhilP on Aug 2, 2015
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Post Data to URL or fill out web form




I use an online CRM for automating client emails, but want to use filemaker to store and sort my data.


To get data into my CRM, my clients or I need to go through a webform.

What I'd like is to find away to sidestep this process.

Can Filemaker submit data from a record TO an online form? Or, better yet, send data directly to the online CRM by performing the ACTION of an online form?


Right now a client fills out a form. The form submits data with method=post, and performs the ACTION ""

Instead, I want my online form to send data directly to me for input into filemaker. This I can do, no problem.
But then, once I've parsed the data in Filemaker, I want Filemaker to send the data to 

Pipe dream? 
Complicated scripting?