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    post dated script



      post dated script


      I'm new to FMP 11. I have a inventory/invoice data base that I've been using for several years and want to add a "tax rate" field. I figured out how to do it and it works great except that it changes all the past taxes to zero because they didn't have a tax rate. How can I make the tax rate effictive after a certain date so as not to effect the earlier posts?


      Im on Mac, Lion



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          Can't give you all the details as we don't know the design of your database nor how you previously calculated your values without a specified tax rate, but the basic principle is you store the tax rate in a global field and/or in a related table and copy the rate into new invoice records when the record is created. This is usually done with a looked up value field option on a Tax Rate field defined in your invoices table for that purpose. Since this value is copied, changes to the value in the global field or related table will not affect existing records, only the next new record to be created.