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Post the last transaction from a portal to a field.

Question asked by MisguidedMissile on Feb 4, 2009
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Post the last transaction from a portal to a field.


Hi all,


I'm new to File Maker and i'm assisting my professor in his project.


Herez what we are trying to do.

He wants to track the history of tution waivers granted to his students which is based in the GPA the student scored in the previous semester.


Say for instance,

One student joined the university in FALL 2006 and was offered 1500 dollars per semester as tution waiver.

Later he scores a GPA of  4.0 due to which he is eligible for upgarde and for second semester he is given a scholarship of 2000 (for second semester alone i.e for spring 2007).


And  later student might take a break and come back in spring 2008 and decide to continue his studies.

And for third semster he is offered 1500 dollars again.


Now this is what i have designed.


I've designed 2 tables with one having his details like University ID, First Name, last Name, Date of Birth and course he / she is enrolled in where ID is the primary key.


In the second table i've the ID, Term, GPA and Scholarship amount.I'm using portal for this.


Layout that i've designed.


Its a tabbed layout with one getting the data from the table one with all the details of the student like ID, name and stuff and in the second tab, the history of the tution waiver right from the first term the student attended. I'm using Portal system for the second layout to display.


My Problem


I want to display the last offered scholarship amount and last term the student attended in the Layout One where the student's name and other details are displayed.


I'm not finding hwo to display the last transaction pertaining to that particular student.


Kindly help.


Thanks in advance.