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Post Upgrade questions

Question asked by ScottMeissner on Aug 17, 2015
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Post Upgrade questions


We have recently upgraded our accounting software (MAS 200 to Sage100) which utilizes FM to produce certain reports at the end of the month. When the consultants came in to setup the custom portions of the software, they configured the same version of FM (ver 6) that we had been using without thinking of upgrading FM at the same time. A few our our clients machines are running Windows 7 64bit of which FM 6 would not run. When we upgraded their FM to 14. The actual FM files on the server were upgraded on a workstation (locally) to FM 7 and then to FM 14. The reports do not run any longer.

We then restored the original FM6 files to the server and went to a workstation still running FM6 and those reports cannot run any longer. Am I missing something... The applications were upgraded locally so there should not have been any files FM files (such as dll's, etc) changed on the server.. right?