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Post-conversion "Go to portal row [last]" script not working

Question asked by StephenMallery on Apr 11, 2011
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Post-conversion "Go to portal row [last]" script not working


I just converted from 5.5 to 11, and now one of my main workhorse scripts isn't working.  It's a simple script and has always worked until now:

Go to Portal Row [Last]

Insert Current Date [filename::date]

Insert Text [filename:: fieldname1; “Text1”]

Insert Text [filename:: fieldname2; “Text2”]

Insert Text [filename:: fieldname3; “Text3”]

Go to field [filename::fieldname4]

What's supposed to happen:  Goes to the last portal row (the first new portal row ready to be created in the related record), inserts the various data specified by the script, and then leaves the cursor happily blinking for me to insert my custom text.

What actually happens:  It overwrites the last row of content.  No new related record.  Overwrites previous data.

One final note that may or may not be helpful:  The very first click (on the scipt button) works immediately after conversion.  Every click thereafter fails (overwrites existing row).  Quitting and relaunching FM doesn't help; only conversion (I converted three times on the prospect that some went afoul in the conversion process; three successful clicks -- one after each conversion -- but that's it).

I would greatly appreciate any help anyone might be able to offer.