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Post: Workflow control, my approach

Question asked by electric_soul on Sep 20, 2010
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Post: Workflow control, my approach


Hello everybody

I'd like to develop a workflow control. I am tired of coding each possible way of what the next workflow-step might be.

I thought I base the workflow on the records overall status code. A overall status code is nothing else then a combination of status fields. Each field holds a status, like "in process" or "open" or whatever.
Depending on what the overall status is, I can choose, lets say from a dropdownfield, what the next possible action should be. An action will alter a status field and therefore the overall status leading to a new overall satus code. Each action is tied to a script.

All of the overall status codes will be stored in a workflow table. The actions will get their own table, being connected to the workflow table.

Finally, each time an action is executed a script or several will be started. After that I have a new overalle status and new possible actions that I can choose from.

When it comes to define who is actually allowed to alter a record in a specify status, I thought I add a field to a table, called 'assigned_to' which holds an account name or privilegename. This one will be evaluated by a script and the record access control of the internal filemaker securty solution.

Is this a good approach of controlling a workflow? How do you guys do it? How to control a workflow, without coding to much.

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