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Postcode location plugin

Question asked by KylerPhilips on May 18, 2015


Postcode location plugin


Hi everyone

I have Clients table which has a postcode field and other related address information and also an Agencies table which again has a postcode field and address information. Are there any plugins or ways of determining the nearest agencies or suggest the closest to visit the client. For example when using post offices, based on your location the nearest x post office is determined? Can this be achieved in Filemaker? 

To further this, I also want to create an interative map which I have designed and I want to click on a region/city and it show me the requests which fall into that city and need to be reviewed - again can this be done through a map plugin which makes it more reliable or would I have to determine a matching list of postcodes and location names in order for the requests to be counted under a certain region of a map?