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Posting batches of records from one table into another

Question asked by on Feb 19, 2014
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Posting batches of records from one table into another


     I'm new to filemaker but loving it. I have an Access app that i want to replace. The main function of it is relatively simple.

     During the course of a month various pieces of faulty equipment arrive in the office. A batch of records are created to track the serial numbers and equipment types. Likewise good stock arrives in batches as well. My access app has two forms (Layouts) One for goods in the other surprisingly is goods out.

     Currently when a batch is created, we run a report that is emailed to our suppliers and they take the goods from 'in transit' to our stock location.  Access then runs a query that copies the batch records into a history table, then a second query clears the current batch and increments either the batch-in or batch-out global counter by 1.

     The history table allows us to track when we received particular stock and indeed if we have sent the faulty equipment back to the supplier.

     What I would like to know is, How do I replicate the actions of the scripts within the filemaker pro framework? 

     I'm using filemaker pro advanced 13. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.