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Posting found search count without conducting a search

Question asked by trialuser1111 on Jul 24, 2009
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Posting found search count without conducting a search


Is there any way to calculate/display the count of found records from a search without displaying the actual results?  Or some kind of workaround?


I have a layout, "Find Contacts" designed to help other users do their searches.  When you navigate to it, it automatically enters find mode, and users are given all the fields they may want to search from.  Due to FileMaker's search limitations, multiple requests are very common for the searching we have to do.  So I'd like to make it easier for people to see how many records match their given criteria each step along the way before they view the final results.


For example, if someone searched the table of 1000 contacts, and added the request to find records where Contacts::Title is "Analyst", the layout might spit out "200 records" and if they made the additional request to find records where Contacts::State is "MA", the layout would spit out "25 records."  Visually, this is how it might look like this:



>Find Contacts                             1000

>Title: "Analyst"                             200 (Edit)

>State: "MA"                                   25  (Edit)

>                                                         (View Results)