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Posting results within a portal?

Question asked by DavidLott on Mar 7, 2011
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Posting results within a portal?


We have about 7 "bookstore" locations to which we send books on consignment. I have a layout for generating "purchase orders" (items being sent out to the different locations) and another layout for "invoice payments" (when they report sales and pay us for the books).  I am wanting to have another layout similar to the below example (it is in Spanish, but hopefully you can get the idea), in which the "location" is chosen by the pop-up menu, which will then bring up in on the right a list of Purchase Orders and Invoices Payments with a running balance (similar to a spreadsheet).  I would like the entries on this layout to be automatic when a Purchase Order or Invoice Payment is made in the other layouts.  Is this possible?  I know it is sort of a "list".  Am I in the same boat as the trying to see an inventory list with a protal?