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Posting to foreign tables on Save

Question asked by ralvy on Nov 24, 2008
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Posting to foreign tables on Save


I'm very very new to FMP. Currently using FMP Advanced 9. I'm trying to recreate in FMP what I wrote in DOS. It requires what some call a transactional model, I believe. Line items, when saved, result in postings to various foreign tables.


From what I can tell, I have to do the postings with scripts. Records in the Transactions table need to have their dollar amounts from the Charge, Payment, and Adjustment fields posted to the same three fields in the Cases table (along with a Balance field in that table) and also be posted to the Balance field in the Accounts table.


From what I can tell, FMP requires I use a script for this. I wrote a Save Transaction script that does all this posting for me, but the problem I run into is this:


When the user is editing a Transactions record, and then moves the mouse pointer to an area where no field exists, FMP either automatically saves the record, or displays a dialog asking the user if they want to save the record. I don't want either to happen. I'd want the user to completely depend on hitting a Save button that runs the script I mentioned above.


Ideally, I'd love FMP to allow me to configure its internal Save operation in a given Layout so that it runs a script I wrote. But I don't see how to do this. In the mean time, I'd love to hear what others do when they need to use this "transactional" model for their database.