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    posting two values into a log field



      posting two values into a log field


           In my database I have a notes field that allows my users to enter  anote and then press a button that clears that note field and sends to content along with a user name and time stamp into a second notes field that cannot them be altered by a user.


           I'd like to create something similar that allows a user to choose a value from two different value lists then click a button and those two values go into a separate field along with user info and date time stamp.

           To further illustrate...I have a project number field and a disposition field (both drop down)

           If the user selects project 3344 and disposition "do not call" he would then press a button and both of those values would be placed in the new note type field....if that person was called again on a different project the information would append to that same field so that we would have a record of when,who and result of calling that person.

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               This can be done, but why would you want to do it that way?

               A related table where each time you need to log this information, a script creates a new related record will be much simpler and more flexible to work with.

               To append text to the end of text already in the field you can use exprssions such as:

               Set field [Table::TextField ; LIst ( Table::TextField ; Table::NewTextToAddFIeld ]


               Set field [Table::TextField ; Table::TextField & " " & Table::NewTextToAddFIeld

               But it's not how I would set this up.

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                 Attached is a visual reprentation of what I'm looking to do.  I have a field in my main table that is called ID Number this field is configured as( indexed, auto enter serial,can't modify auto) it denerates a new and exclusive ID NUmber for each record in my main table.

                 I need to create a new table (Call Log) and establish an ID Number field in that table and link it to the ID Number in my main table?

                 Then fields for Project Number and Disposition, Date, time amd user?

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                   Yes this is correct.