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posting two values into a log field

Question asked by dscott23 on Apr 3, 2013
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posting two values into a log field


     In my database I have a notes field that allows my users to enter  anote and then press a button that clears that note field and sends to content along with a user name and time stamp into a second notes field that cannot them be altered by a user.


     I'd like to create something similar that allows a user to choose a value from two different value lists then click a button and those two values go into a separate field along with user info and date time stamp.

     To further illustrate...I have a project number field and a disposition field (both drop down)

     If the user selects project 3344 and disposition "do not call" he would then press a button and both of those values would be placed in the new note type field....if that person was called again on a different project the information would append to that same field so that we would have a record of when,who and result of calling that person.