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    Posting up script steps



      Posting up script steps


      This has got me completely stumped and I can't work it out so it's bugging me. Obviously I'm new to filemaker but how do you post the actual script steps? For example someone asks me to post up my script. Do people type all of it out????


      I don't need this now but like I said I was wondering and now it's bugging me. I would have thought you'd copy it then paste it but it seems you can't do this unless I'm doing something wrong.


      Thanks all.  :smileyhappy:


      PS. Nearly forgot, I'm using FM 10 advanced. 

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          Interesting question and I'll be looking for an easier way in the other answers.


          I simply type the pertinent parts (sometimes with extra spaces to avoid the smileys).  If it's a long involved script, it also tends to be repetitious so you type "like above".  So type the known pertinent parts plus a little and trust that the original poster gets the point rather than blindly going by the symbol by symbol typing...understanding is better than a one-off solution anyway most of the time.


          If they come back with "it doesn't work when I type that in", I'll simply type out the whole darn script (with smiley avoidance noted) and with explanation comments.  Typing it all out is decent practice for my proper syntax habits anyway...the full time pros probably don't need this aspect.


          All of this on FMP8.5.  Dunno if advanced or later versions have copy and paste for scripts as text.

          At the end of the day...there's a lot of guessing at the recipient's level of comfort/expertise and sometimes I guess well, sometimes not.

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            You have an easy way to this since you have Advanced:

            1. Generate a database design report
            2. Open the report
            3. Find your script
            4. Copy and Paste
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                 I hear what your saying and agree. That's what has helped me out at this early stage, finding everything and adding the required parts myself.
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                Now this is cool. This makes getting the exact script easy. Cheers.


                I still find it interesting that you can just highlight the script, copy it, then paste into anything you want straight from the ScriptMaker. Of course, I only think this because I'm coming from Access where you pretty much type everything instead of having a convenient list to select from.