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Potential client database to Client Database with reports

Question asked by JorgeRuiz on May 31, 2013
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Potential client database to Client Database with reports


     HI Everyone, This is the Dilema i work for a non profit organization and we currently have  a database on file maker pro 5 (yes that Old) about 15 people use the database and yes we have a server.

     I want to upgrade to 12 thinking it will easier to start from scratch than to do all the necessary conversions in order to make everything work.

     Currently all callers that call are tracked in the  " Potential Client Database" where we keep the client contact information,  case notes by the day they called and the services (8 services) they requested. We generate reports from that data for 20 funding sources and 4 counties and 20 cities.

     Now some of those potential clients become clients and they are entered in a separate database where case work and progress is tracked , as well as the services they are receiving.  We generate reports from this data to the various funding sources and territories as well.

     I started as an end user per my job duties but now i have taken interest in upgrading our database and making it better. I have created a simple contact database in FM12  but where i need help is understanding how to create reports and take a client from  a potential client to an actual client without re entering the information twice in two different databases and also managing users (Staff) so we know whos doing what. I would appreciate suggestiosn to what literature to read. Thank You!

     Since our current datase is very old sometimes our reporting functions have crashed in the past and  i have manually generated reports by going "behind the scenes" into the different views and finding the data that i need. I think have the basics knowledege i just need to be pointed in the right direction Thank You! once Again