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Potential importing shortcuts possible?

Question asked by HannaMcFadden on Feb 25, 2015
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Potential importing shortcuts possible?


My company is currently trialing FileMaker Pro and would like to implement the software for our cell vial inventory. We have been using excel but are in need of software that allows us to look at each individual cell vial separately to include more handling details on a vial by vial basis as well as the ability to look at an overall spreadsheet. I would like to import our excel sheets into FileMaker but the template we have for our current inventory seems it needs to be changed manually before working with a custom template. In our current excel sheet the cell vials are all organized via location. Each grid space in the excel sheet represents a vial and includes all of its details (ie- Cell Name, Lot #, Passage #, etc.) In FileMaker I would like to have all of this information imported but organized based on Cell Vial details not location. I've attached a JPG file of how the excel sheets I want to import look. Since our excel sheets are not set up as a traditionally organized excel sheet I am concerned our only option is to reorganize the information manually and import. Please let me know if there are any shortcuts or ways to script to avoid all the tedious manual excel work. Thanks!