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    Power function



      Power function


           The '^' works fine as a postive power function eg. 2^2= 4. However, it doesn't seem to work as a negative power eg. 2^-2=?.


           Is there a way of using '^' for a negative power? Or do I have to use the custom function?

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               Put parentheses around the power and format the field with the appropriate size and number of decimal places:   2^(-2) = 0.25

               BTW, you can also use fractional powers for roots: 4^0.5 = 2

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                 I tested with parentheses and without and got the correct answer .25 

                 I would guess there is another problem amiss with your calculation.

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                   You are right. Unexpected since the equation is for a vital medical condition that you'd have thought people would get right (!), but it was incorrect.


                   The ^ works whether using a positive/ negative power.