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    PowerPC/Intel conversion dilemma - fp5 template to native intel



      PowerPC/Intel conversion dilemma - fp5 template to native intel


           I have a little problem. I have some templates that are .fp5 format. I need to convert them to FMP 12.x

           I knew I had issues when I had to install Rosetta a couple Mac OS versions back but it didn't occur to me to migrate all my FMP stuff at the time. Now I go to access some DBs that have some information I need and I can't access them. I have backups but that isn't my issue. 

           I have Ver 6.x but it runs on PowerPC. I had an old machine I would normally use just for this purpose but the drive crashed and buying a new drive and restoring an old PowerPC Mac just so I can dig through boxes in my garage to find my copy of FMP 6.x and also install that does not seem to be very appealing. I had a later PowerMac that I was able to run PowerPC apps on and the power supply died on that one. 

           Anybody got any creative solutions I could try? I sure wish Filemaker made a simple utility that could just do it but we all know the answer to that question. Can anyone help?